Monday, 9 December 2013

Trees (1): Our Gift to the Climate

Man needs oxygen which is the waste product of tree, while trees need carbon dioxide which is also a waste from man for survival. Because trees remove carbon dioxide from the air as they grow, tree planting can be used as a geoengineering technique to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Deforestation is responsible for 18-25% of global climate change. I am encouraging tree planting to mitigate the effects of climate change.

While the benefits of tree planting are subject to debate, the costs are low compared to many other mitigation options.
The cost effectiveness of tropical reforestation is due not only to growth rate, but also to farmers from tropical developing countries who voluntarily plant and nurture tree species which can improve the productivity of their lands. As little as twenty thousand Naira will plant 900 trees, enough to annually remove as much carbon dioxide as is annually generated by the fossil-fuel usage in Nigeria.

The lifestyles of our people with regard to the environment remain a pointer that we have a long way to go. It is regrettable that while governments are spending millions of naira to plant trees, people who move to new sites simply continue the culture of indiscriminately cutting every tree met on sight including fruit trees that can serve as food supplement. When the trees are not cut, people opt for the worse; set the site on fire as an easier way of clearing it. Nigeria don't appreciate preparedness and prevention of disaster but wait for problem before taking action despite our weak infrastructural development. While it is possible to blame government for pathetic health facilities, pitiable educational condition and weak infrastructure, climate change challenge is a collective responsibility.

The gains of planting trees is to filter pollution from the air, help recycle water, prevent soil loss, create shade, give shelter from wind and rain, provide homes for animals, make food for humans and wildlife, and to provide an interesting soothing, learning environment for children and your community. Engage your community by sharing the many benefits of trees and proper tree planting techniques. Start putting down roots and contributing to the future.

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