Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Blogger or Talker?

While surfing the net, I came across this article that hit my point exactly and deemed it fit to share it through this medium.

"YOU are not a blogger. You're just a talker. is just one big chat box for you.
You post to communicate but never shared not
one insightful thought. You post only to tell your silly day-to-day activities, macho rantings and those who comment on your posts are equally non bloggers but talkers like you.

A real blogger will post, share his thought on things informative, educational and relevant to events. His love for his country is unequalled and thus his political views. His love for literature is genuine and has unshakeable religious conviction. His words are seriously chosen but he can also be funny. His opinion is strong and his character is based on the education he got and will never change his name to hide under different pseudonyms. A talker will shy away from commenting on his blog.

You are not a blogger. You're just a smart aleck who belong to the bandwagon of famous judgmental shallow heads and hollowheads with pointless views and mob rule mentality. Even some of the most blocked are real bloggers. Nevermind their occasional rudeness. That's another story. They post scientific articles, don't they? No you are not a blogger. You are just a talkative bug".

Hope we bloggers can accept to change from the norm and do things with the mind set of change!!!

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