Monday, 24 February 2014

New Nation Initiative: Our Saviour?

While surfing the internet, i came across Dukwe Inc. alias New Nation. Dukwe has taken the role as the world’s first private sector response to the issue of global poverty and under development. Dukwe’s approach to realizing the demands of this mission is seen in the 21 pillars of Dukwe, which are; power, housing, IT, telecom, roads, transportation, health care, justice, food, water, security, education, mortgages, insurance, emergency relief, credit, environment, financial planning, faith, debit, and credit. For the main time, only one programme has been fully launched which is "Grey and Strong".

 Grey and Strong is a wonderful social welfare scheme specifically designed to cater for the elderly people in Africa, through various social benefits that come with their membership and participation in this unparalleled programme.

It ensures a better life for the people above the age of 50, by introducing social security and protection through provision of basic needs and infrastructures for the elderly.
It also advocates against the neglect of the senior citizens in Africa, in order to improve their standard of living, as obtainable in advanced countries of the world. The scheme has been designed to further encourage the provision of social benefits for the elderly by both public and private sectors in various African countries.
The welfare services offered by this empowerment programme covers financial assistance, elderly care homes, health support, recreational zones, legal advice and defense, among others.

Millions of avoidable deaths of the elderly occur every year, due to several reasons arising from neglect by friends, family and government agencies, who have all failed to provide proper care for the elders in the society.

Normally, Grey & Strong will require monthly financial contributions of not less than N3, 000 monthly before reaching the age for benefits to partake of it. However, as an introduction and show of our serious desire to change the story of elderly care in Nigeria, we are giving away the unprecedented benefits to only 100,000 people for free. To be fair in our choice of recipients, we are giving the free Grey & Strong coverage certificate to anyone that purchases our branded blood pressure and blood sugar test kits which in health care terms, is almost compulsory for anyone above 45years old that wants to live long. We are also giving out our extremely help health guide handout prepared from extensive research and written by insightful and compassionate health care professionals. The kits along with the healthcare manual and its audio costs 
N15, 000 which can be paid in two or more installments before end of the offer and comes with Free Grey & Strong coverage certificate which will have the beneficiary receiving the benefits of Grey & Strong for life. 

Through these pillars Dukwe hopes to create programmes that will increase the flow of money to marginalized segments of the global population, free the minds of the downtrodden, and empower the disadvantaged segments of the global population, door to door, person to person, community to community, and at a financial profit to our firm. Join Us!

To know about New Nation, watch Africa Independent Television on Sundays and Wednesdays by 9pm or contact GONG on 2348065172058

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  1. James portharcourt9 April 2014 at 23:48

    U have finally joined them to brainwash people. Nigga man oopen ur eyes o.nuffn is happening dere.