Friday, 6 September 2013

Women's Right 2....How Sad it is to Beat Women!!!

This is a continuation on an article earlier posted, where we discussed the issue of trafficking women. Today, let's talk about beating women in Nigeria and Africa at large.

"Let me start by asking a question: How is wife-beating justified."

I believe one amongst many reasons most men have for beating their wives is "Male dominance".

Refusing to submit to a man's wishes is a common reason given for justification of violence in developing countries like Nigeria.

Alcohol consumption and mental illness can be relating with abuse, and present additional challenges in eliminating domestic violence.

The relation between the husband and wife is not considered one of equals, but instead one in which the wife must submit herself to the husband.

Women suffer from violence in every society. In few places, however, is the abuse more entrenched, and accepted, than in sub-Saharan Africa.

I think the Nigerian women should not permit it and should not encourage it. If a mother trains her son not to be a wife-beater, he would not be a wife-beater.

Some Nigerian women are quite liberated but they insist on holding on to traditions that do not pay them.

In addition to that, women in positions of influence (e.g. mother of the husband) do little to discourage this problem from extending to the next generation.

But no matter the reasons, wife beating is sore, it only demonstrates the mans lack of leadership at home.

You find this in hot tempered folks mostly, and in most cases, men deserve more beating than the women.

It is difficult to help the vast majority of Nigerian Women, who are victims of spousal abuse, when they are not protesting against it. When they don't seem to be disturbed by it. When they think it's not a big deal; that it's part of the pain of love.

But honestly speaking, there is no justification to a man beating up his wife. Whether he is angry or the wife is to blame for whatever led to his beating her.

A man was asked how he handles his wife's constant nagging and complains, take a look at his answer.
"I just ignore her and when she's tired, she'll keep quiet."

By the way, this is not an African phenomenon, its a general male gender problem.

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