Saturday, 21 September 2013

NBC finally wakes up

A major responsibility of the National Broadcasting Commission is to screen the content of intellectual properties of artistes in the country. The lyrics of some songs that are being churned out of recent make one wonder if the commission is performing its responsibility.

During the week, the commission banned 'Man of the year' by Phyno and Maleekberry featuring Wizkid's 'The Mattter' because the songs had lewd content.

Though the ban is in the right direction, it has taken the commission so long to begin sniffing out musical contents with lewd lyrics that can corrupt the young mind.

Oliver De Corque, Dan Maria, Bright Chimezie, King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey  will always be loved and their songs will remain evergreen. This is because they dwelled less on a woman's body and concentrated more on social ills, gave pieces of advice and at most, praised notable people in the society.

Grandparents use such songs as a point of reference while talking to kids and friends. Such songs are hardly sung now by the new crop of musicians who either sing about how much money they have or the numerous sexual things about a woman's body.

Slowly and gradually, such trends are killing our culture as Africans and should be checked on time by bodies such as the NBC.

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