Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Kanye strike Kim's Ex Ray J, Calling Him ‘Brandy’s Little Sister’

The rapper gave a surprise performance on 'Jimmy Fallon, and addressed Ray J for the first time since he released his ridiculous song about Kim Kardashian: 'I Hit It First.'

Kanye West finally slammed Ray J for attempting to humiliate Kim Kardashian with his song, "I Hit It First."

Kanye sang his new song "Bound 2," and changed the first few lyrics: "Brandy's little sister lame man he know it now/When a real brother hold you down you 'sposed to drown."

In one breath, Kanye called him a girl and lame! We honestly don't blame him for being upset, the song Ray J released was ridiculous and the music video was even worse!

Ray J Claims 'I Hit It First' Is 'Just A Song'
Ray J blatantly calls out Kanye in his "I Hit It First" song lyrics by saying: "Now the b***h chose to go West."

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