Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Poor funding is the cause of corruption in our Universities

An ICPC official has called for punitive measures for erring university officials.
Olu Aina, says corruption in the nation's tertiary institutions is caused by poor funding.

In his paper entitled: "ICPC University Systems Study and Review (USSR)," Mr. Aina said it was the poor funding for universities that encouraged them to engage in over enrolment of students. The over enrolment was being done to generate revenues to run the system.

Mr. Aina said other forms of corruption in the system included non-adherence to admission quota given by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and political interference in admission process. He also identified lack of punitive measures against erring universities by the NUC as another source of corruption in the system.

Mr. Aina urged the government to improve on the existing infrastructure in the universities to cater for admitted students. He said that staff selection process should ensure that only people with proven integrity were appointed to be in charge of admission process in the universities.

He also said there should be a stipulated time table for admissions by ensuring that the exercise was undertaken and concluded within the specified time frame, to eliminate room for unnecessary pressure on officials.
He also called for stricter sanctions for infractions by university administrators.

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