Thursday, 22 August 2013

Gay Guy Beaten & Arrested In Ogun State

The incident happened at 1 Kotodayo in the Iyana-Iyesi area of Ota after Sadiq's friend, Ibrahim (surname withheld), allegedly raised the alarm declaring that his male organ had disappeared.

According to Ibrahim, who was seen Unclad before some men, Sadiq had paid him a visit last night and deep into the night, he began to have s*x with him.

Ibrahim, who is also a squatter in the house, alleged that it was the first time Sadiq would be visiting him. Though they have been friends for some time now, Ibrahim said he never knew his friend was gay until last night.

Sadiq, who said he has been homosexual for the past three years, denied snatching his friend's male organ, but said he had engaged only men in sex since then and further indicted a prophet whose white garment church is within the community as the one who prepared the concoction with which he engages in the act.

Nigeria is not in support of gay practice no wonder a bill has been approved setting 14-year-jail term for offenders.

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  1. choba small gate activities again? stealing of dick kwa? That dude is obviously doing it for some ritualistic reasons not for pleasure most def....

  2. Hahahahahahaha.....everybody hold your *lips sealed*

  3. My head yaf burst,hope d guy casterated sef,I wonder y humans will be doing wat even animals don't