Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ex-Man City star Sinclair: England would've won TWO World Cups with Man Utd's Giggs

Former Manchester City star Trevor Sinclair says England would have won TWO World Cups if Manchester United icon Ryan Giggs had committed to the Three Lions.

Sinclair wrote in the Daily Mail: "Why didn’t England’s Golden Generation win a World Cup? I can give you one name – Ryan Giggs. He would possibly have changed things. He was (and still is) a frightening player and he is the most decorated player in British football. It is amazing, really, because I feel I had a decent career.
"I played professional football from the age of sixteen to thirty-five, and although I didn’t win any team honours, I gave a decent amount to football.
"And then you see Giggs, who has won everything in the game, given everything to football and then still he gives more and gives more at the age of 40.
"If he’d have chosen to play for England, as he played for England schoolboys, I think England possibly would have won the World Cup in 2002 or 2006 or both times. I don't blame him for playing for Wales, as that is what he felt was right."

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