Friday, 16 August 2013

Divorce now a trend in Nigeria

If marriages are meant to be celebrated then what happens to divorces? The seven-letter-words was almost unheard of among couples some 40 to 50 years back in most parts of the country. The sanctity of the institution of marriage had not been corrupted; it was still very much intact and respected as a sacred institution. If a couple got married then, it was for better, for worse, till death did them part. Marriage was a worthwhile venture then, especially in Africa.

The Question is, "What Happened?"

Men and women both make a lot of assumptions when it comes to marriage and what to expect from a marriage. These assumptions are based on many variables and problems arise when the outcome (marriage) doesn't meet the assumptions or expectations.

In relationships, many people have high expectations of their partners, and become disappointed when their loved ones do not live up to their expectations. Is common for a lady to fall in love with man because of his car and his nice mansion, the axiom is simple because she feels that man will take good care of her financially without excogitating the other recipes that makes a very good relationship. If the man short fall of that expectations, that is when the situation will start to perforate the happiness bag of the relationship.

A lot of men win the hearts of their ladies through lies and deceit that makes them also to pitch high expectation and is common to see a man making unachievable promises to a lady in the quest of wanting to marry her. Fake things don't last!!!

The issue of unnecessary spending during marriage ceremony is an invincible hand that has the greatest chance of creating flaming atmosphere in the marital homes. In this case, women are always falling victim; they always want that special day in their life to be spectacular and very indelible. In life, every action you take has its own price you pay.

People in loving marriages keep the relationship exciting and new through open communication. It's easy to get caught up in the stresses of day-to-day life and for two people to lose sight of what made them fall in love in the first place. Maintaining a strong connection through open communication keeps the bond of love strong in a marriage. Lack of communication can cause two people to drift apart and to feel like they're just going through the motions in a marriage.

Some lawyers identified poverty, lack of love and desperation as reasons for the high rate of divorce in country. Parents who cannot afford to train their female children give them out for marriage so that it could fetch them money, not caring about what the child feels or wants for herself. They force her into an unwanted or unplanned marital life. Some marriages lack love.  If a marriage has love as its foundation, as in the Christian and Islamic doctrine; couples would stay together `for better and for not as good as".

Most women, especially the career ones, would want to rub shoulders with their husbands; they are not ready to compromise or stoop down for their spouses. And men are naturally egoistic, once their wives start giving them such challenges in their marital decisions; there would be conflicts which might lead to divorce. According to statistics, women are more prone to seeking divorce from their husband. In a recent survey by Fairfax, more and more women are getting divorced from their spouses because of infidelity and financial problems.


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