Tuesday, 13 August 2013

BUSINESS: Whistling While You Work

We live in a time of chronic dissatisfaction in the workplace. Study shows that as many as 70% of people working are unfulfilled with their jobs, 18% to such an extent that they are actively undermining their co-workers.

How can we explain this? Certainly factors like the sluggish economic recovery and stuck wages play a role, but I think the real answer is even more straightforward: It's not clear how one designs a satisfying career in today's professional culture, especially if lasting fulfilment (as opposed to salary maximization) is the goal.

Although people have obvious financial needs that are a large part of what makes them seek employment, the money side of work doesn't go far in making a job feel like something worth doing. It won't make up for a job that is frustrating, boring, inconsequential or just plain dull.

People want more from their work. They want to be able to meet some at least of their other needs: for good social contact, for a sense of achievement, a feeling they're doing something worthwhile, the sense of belonging to an organization they can feel proud of — even a sense of self-worth and meaning in life.

You might have zero clue about what you'd like to do. And that's understandable. We're not taught how to make this kind of decision.

BE CREATIVE. Creativity is the "freest" form of self expression. It means having the power to express yourself in your own way.

What do you think?!

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