Wednesday, 28 August 2013

15 Signs Showing You are Addicted to Men

1. You feel "empty," "out of sorts," "restless," or otherwise "off" if you are not with your man or not in a relationship.

2. You need to be with your man, despite feeling worse when you're with him than without him.

3. You overeat, drink alcohol, or take prescription medication to deal with the stress of your relationship. You may even overengage in normally healthy activities like running or doing yoga to avoid thinking about your relationship or "getting away" from it.

4. You often have thoughts like "I should leave" or "I should divorce him" or "This relationship isn't good" but can't seem to do any actions that might upset the relationship.

5. You pity or look down on single women or think something like, "I may be unhappy but thank god I'm not single."

6. The idea of being single frightens or depresses you.

7. You are constantly making excuses for his behavior by saying things like, "He's not usually like this," or "He's been under a lot of stress lately," or "He had a bad childhood."

8. You are convinced you can change him if you only do a, b, or c. Or d, e, f!

9. You think keeping your marriage together is more important than being at peace, being content, being happy, or standing your ground on issues that are important to you.

10. You think once you meet that "magic man" or make your man into what you want, then you will be happy.

11. You look to men or your man to make you happy. You think that no one is happy without a relationship.

12. You equate being with a man to being "successful" in life. If you break up or get divorced, you feel you've "failed."

13. You have physical problems like high blood pressure, heart palpitations, skin rashes, exhaustion, or other stress-related health issues that weren't there before you got involved with your man.

14. You are constantly trying to manage/control him and his behavior. You are determined to make sure he gets a job, doesn't cheat again, stays off the computer, stops contacting his ex, stops drinking, gets therapy, or manages his money better.

15. You can't have a conversation without saying, "He said … " "He did …" "He thinks …" etc.

There are lots of other symptoms where this came from, and if even one applies to you, I suggest you get some help in the form of a therapist who specializes in relationship addiction.

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