Saturday, 20 July 2013

ISSUES: Child Not Bride

Child marriage is common in Nigeria, with 2 out of 5 girls married before turning 18. Rates are even higher in the North where 73% of girls are married as children, and in rural areas, where girls are 2.3 times as likely to be married or in a union before 18 as girls in urban areas.

Reasons for child marriage include poverty, religious beliefs, and fear of girls becoming pregnant outside of marriage. According to UNFPA, if present trends persist, by 2030, 4,615,000 girls born between 2005 and 2010 will be married before they turn 18.

We have started this campaign not for what we have to gain but what we have to give.
Change comes when the people are ready, when the people speak up and when they resolve that their voices will not be drowned. In this document is a skeletal plan on how we can stop "Our Leaders" from stealing the rights of the Nigerian girl child. And it is a consolidation of all the twitter rants.

The Senate is currently on a constitution amendment exercise. And they have voted that "a girl is of marriageable age at any age". This amendment has not taken into cognizance the social, psychological and health implications for the girl child. The Senate is made up of representatives of the people. Now, is this truly a reflection of the Nigerian populace? Or are they there to serve themselves? In Nigeria, we believe that our votes count for nothing. Oh, well, if you believe you are defeated then you are defeated already. If not, then you can do something.


"@_SeyiTan_: We got the BOKO HARAM issue. They're ignoring that and passing bills like that. Are we that backwards #ChildNotBride"

"@i_jay99: She needs a pen not a PENIS #ChildNotBride"

"@Ramacy: No light,water,road abi working system,even we schools don fail,but our oga's@the top say nah to marry pikin be the answer. #ChildNotBride"

"@illumi_Lummie: #ChildNotBride:Give her a PEN not a PEN*S, ask 4 her BOOKS not BOOBS, pay her SCHOOLFEES not BRIDE PRICE, she needs EDUCATN nOt EJACULATION"
Let's fight this PLEASE.....
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